The Winner of the Brixton Open 2005

Catalogue of works from the Brixton Open

The Brixton Open Prize is sponsored by
Charlie Easmon of Number One Health

and Keith Mackintosh

The Brixton Open Bashment 2005 was held at Granville Arcade of Brixton Market on Sunday 25th September. At a packed awards ceremony the winners were announced and there was an exciting and varied evening of musical entertainment. Bettie Morton gave a speech and then the awards were presented.

The Winner

"Dancehall Queen no.1"
by Antioinette Williams
Acrylic on paper
725 x 692 cm.

Brixton Open Bashment

Jane Campbell "Rebecca and Grace"

Ian Dejardin Director of Dulwich Picture Gallery announced the Winner of the Brixton Open 2005 as:-

Antoinette Williams for Dancehall Queen no. 1

Brixton Open Bashment

The Camberwell College of Art prize was presented by Jude Freeman, Head of Camberwell College of Art to:
Andrew Hollis for "Negation 01"

The People's Prize was won by:
Jane Campbell for "Rebecca and Grace"

Andrew Hollis "Negation 01"

Veronica, Rab and Sophie