Bettie's Speech at New Origins Launch Party -11th July 2003

Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen

Thank you so much for coming here tonight to celebrate the launch of Brixtonís first ever International Art Fair entitled `New Originsí

New Origins - What does this mean?

It all started three years ago when I had a dream to open a contemporary Art Gallery at the heart of Brixton.
It has been a long journey from that idea to tonight

I wanted to create a mainstream commercial art gallery showing a diversity of artistic talent and what better place then Brixton renowned for its intensity derived from the interaction of world influences.

With New Origins we are giving a platform to the ethos that art is a universal language that transcends all barriers, but at the same time it is influenced by the Artists' inherent origins and inspired by their current experiences.

I am sure that New Origins, will become an annual event. I believe that it has the potential to go on to become an important and unique ocassion in the annual art calendar.

The title `New Originsí and what I hope it stands for was a direct result of a discussion between myself and Des Hemsley to whom I am greatly indebted for his invaluable contribution to `New Originsí.

I would like to pay tribute to the artists who have brought their artistic vision to Brixton and demonstrate the essence of `New Originsí.

I would like to thank my small team at the gallery who worked extremely hard under immense pressure, Marta, Tara and Sophie. As well as contributions from the Artists: Andrew Plant, Geoffrey Chambers, Dallas & Angel, Basil Elton & Roy Thomson.

Finally I would like to thank all those behind Destination-Brixton and in particular Lassell Hylton for his good advice and support.