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The Brixton Biennale is scheduled to debut in 2010 with further stagings every two years thereafter.

The Biennale, the true successor to the Brixton Open, is the joint vision of myself and colleague Kieran Crowder.

Kieran is a truly visionary artist I have been proud to represent in my gallery, with whom I am now working intensively on these new developments. Some of you may know him from the groundbreaking underground event HERE LIES at Brixton's Mass club in 2001

Our development work toward the first Biennale will begin in earnest in 2008, under the heading Brixton Projects. Here, Kieran and I intend to bring the very best Brixton-based artists together with curators, collectors and other serious contemporary art professionals, in a series of special previews of the art that will help put Brixton on the map ahead of the inaugural Biennale. I'll be publishing more details here as the Projects programme gets underway, including guidance for artists who may wish to become involved.

We are very interested to hear from potential sponsors and participants