Bettie's Speech: Young & Creative 2005

1. Good afternoon ladies & gentlemen and all the young people here today.

2. I would like to thank you for coming and it is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Young & Creative Exhibition.

3. The Young & Creative exhibition is a project that is very dear to my heart. We first discussed the idea of doing such an exhibition with Clapham Park Young Arts initiative two years ago and today it fills me with great joy to see this concept come to fruition.

4. As the sub-title reads: Artists of the future. This exhibition is very much about encouraging and nurturing creative talent of our youth. It is our aim to create an environment that is supportive for young people to express and explore their creativity. To inspire them by creating a dialogue between artists, young people, schools and the outside world. By taking their artwork out of their classrooms, to be exhibited in a gallery where their talents can be appreciated by a wide audience.

5. When I was in school if somebody had hung a piece of my artwork in an exhibition likes this it would have filled me a with a tremoundous sense of self worth and confidence. I hope all the participants of the exhibition can feel a sense of great pride for what they have accomplished.

6. At this note; I would like to thank all the budding artists who have worked very hard to produce what has been challenging work. The judges had a difficult time in selecting the winners. I would also like to thank the artists and all art teachers who have worked alongside the children to produce the work in what has been a very tight schedule. I would also like to thank the Clapham Park project as part of their wider initiative in the regeneration of the Clapham Park Area have made this project possible.

7. The Prize giving ...